Global Warming: Global Hoax?

I surf the web a lot in search of new knowledge & I almost always find it. I always find things that make me think, though. Recently I have been working on a school project on Global Warming. The assignment is to create power point of photos that are created using Photoshop against Global Warming. While googling  pictures that I could alter for my presentation, I got the bright idea to search for some myths (& I love, I am a subscriber to their newsletter). I saw an article about Global Warming being a hoax & immediately I was interested. I started reading about how Al Gore is trying to heighten awareness of GW knowing full well that it doesn’t exist.   I also think that is global warming is natuarl.  Doesn’t earth go through periods of climate change naturally?  Ever heard of the Ice Age?  What about the Midevil Warm Period?  No? First off, Global Warming, the way the media & government portray it, should have killed us already. They make it seem as though we are killing ourselves every time we crank up a car,  or every time we leave the lights on when we really don’t need them.  I found sites today that made me think very hard about the project  that I am working on. Instead of focusing on GW, my power point will just talk about pollution…& no it is not the same as GW.

Here are the websites that changed the way I think about ‘Global Warming’:

Intelligent Essays, A blog:

Everyman Chronicles: An Inconvient Truth: Exposing The GW Myth, and that should say it all:

NASA Debunks Part Of Global Warming Myth, Will Media Report It?, More than likely they won’t report it, seeing as though most of what you see in the media is controlled by the government (erhm, the same government that wants to scare us into believing in their little hoax). :

Global Warming: Causes & Effects, Another blog:

Green Myths On Global Warming-Debunked, More myths about the ever so famous GW are debunked:

So, has your opinion on GW changed, or what?


~ by theori on November 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Global Warming: Global Hoax?”

  1. I dont know whether the global warming issue is a hoax. Yet some of the arguments against the popular theory of it seems plausible.

  2. yeah, I keep hearing that Mr. Gore (and some others) are lying to the people to get them to spend more money and what not…I don’t know if its really actually true or not either.

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