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The people of Haiti have suffered alot lately. This past Tuesday has probably been the most Tragic Tuesday the world has ever seen. I can not express my sorrow & compassion for the people of Haiti in this one post, especially not at this moment, but I can say that I will keep them close to my heart & try to help out as much as I can.



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So, we all have something about ourselves that we need/want to change, right? I know I have quite a few attributes to improve & edit. Let me be honest with you, I am NOT good at keeping my resolutions so sacred and actually sticking to them, but 2010 HAS to be my year of change. I don’t want to change who I am, but I do need to work on alot of my faults. I definitely don’t want to be perfect, but I don’t want to be the worst either. 2009 was the that I found out who I actually was, The year I found myself. 2010 will be the year that I learn to love who I have found, and then improve that person. I have a list of improvements that I need to make, and don’t laugh, but I had these same things to work on since 2007…
Trust me, I AM going to IMPROVE this year!:
1.) No more procrastination- I put off things alot, & I also pay dearly for most of the things that I shove aside and then forget…No more of this come 2010.
2.) Expand Thinking Deeper- 2009 was the year that I explored a route of thinking (called broad-thinking and open mindedness) that made me see everything alot differently and brought me alot of understanding. 2010 should be the year that I find even better ways to see the world and even try to find out what makes it such a terrible and beautiful place to live all at once.
3.) Creativity- I am really a creative soul, and I have a very very very unquenchable thirst for art and all things surrounding it. I’ve always loved photography and I hope to someday even become a photographer…for 2010, I am going to work on my portfolio and hopefully get some really great ideas.
4.) Life- I want to improve my view of life, and the way I live. I want to get out more and see more. I want to go everywhere and hopefully find a permanent place to call my own before my next birthday.

There is more that I’d like to touch on, but these four listed are the most important ones.
If you have any plans for 2010, let me know, maybe, if possible, we can embark on a new path for the better together…That is, if you don’t mind having my company, ;).

Can’t Wait…

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Well, I can not wait for the big day on Friday. I can’t wait to chow down on food like its going out of style! I cannot wait to go to Stone Mountain & take my last photos & videos of 2009! I have to say, this was a great year…
The last few days are passing like syrup from a glass bottle…TOO SLOWLY!
I love 2009, but I want it over with!!!
All joking aside, I find it easy to sleep my days away and play music when there is nothing else to do.
I know I havent been blogging in forever, but thats all going to change….

I’ll give you my plans for 2010 in my next post.

For now, enjoy my music:

Jason Statham, Gerard Butler, Clive Owen…

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My three husbands, lol. I am, for some reason, head over heels for these three. I don’t even care that they are old enough to have fathered me, I just can not stop GAWKING over them! I watched Shoot ‘Em Up, P.S I Love You, & Death Race, & I swear my mouth was watering to the point of flood…

I mean, look at these MEN! :





In Armor!


How Can You Not Love This?


My other husbands include:  Ewan McGregor



(Love Those Eyes)



Gael Garcia Bernal



'Can You Say, Muy Caliente?'


There are plenty others, but I just haaad to share my FAVORITES OF ALL!




Famous Freemasons

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Okay,  so, I was looking at subliminal messages today on Youtube.com just for fun (I am very interested in things of that nature, and if anyone can find any sweet info on it, email (spydur17@yahoo.com) me please!) and then I came across a Jay-Z song played backwards. At first I was prepared to be freaked out, as I was when I saw the Lil Wayne subliminal message (the video was creepy as ever, the picture in it did not sit right with me). I remembered yesterday in class we were talking about subliminal messages in songs. Jay-Z’s name came up and someone stated that  he was a Freemason. I really don’t know if that is true. There are alot of people that I suspect to be apart of the Illuminati, but I can not say for a fact that they are.

Don’t get me wrong here, but I think alot of this stuff is scary-interesting.

Heres a video that supposedly points out famous free masons…

While I am writing this I am only about half way into the video.

What do you make of this?

Global Warming: Global Hoax?

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I surf the web a lot in search of new knowledge & I almost always find it. I always find things that make me think, though. Recently I have been working on a school project on Global Warming. The assignment is to create power point of photos that are created using Photoshop against Global Warming. While googling  pictures that I could alter for my presentation, I got the bright idea to search for some myths (& I love Snopes.com, I am a subscriber to their newsletter). I saw an article about Global Warming being a hoax & immediately I was interested. I started reading about how Al Gore is trying to heighten awareness of GW knowing full well that it doesn’t exist.   I also think that is global warming is natuarl.  Doesn’t earth go through periods of climate change naturally?  Ever heard of the Ice Age?  What about the Midevil Warm Period?  No? First off, Global Warming, the way the media & government portray it, should have killed us already. They make it seem as though we are killing ourselves every time we crank up a car,  or every time we leave the lights on when we really don’t need them.  I found sites today that made me think very hard about the project  that I am working on. Instead of focusing on GW, my power point will just talk about pollution…& no it is not the same as GW.

Here are the websites that changed the way I think about ‘Global Warming’:

Intelligent Essays, A blog:  http://intelligentessays.blogspot.com/2008/03/anthropogenic-global-warming-propaganda.html

Everyman Chronicles: An Inconvient Truth: Exposing The GW Myth, and that should say it all: http://everyman.mu.nu/archives/179716.php

NASA Debunks Part Of Global Warming Myth, Will Media Report It?, More than likely they won’t report it, seeing as though most of what you see in the media is controlled by the government (erhm, the same government that wants to scare us into believing in their little hoax). :http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2007/11/14/nasa-debunks-part-global-warming-myth-will-media-report-it

Global Warming: Causes & Effects, Another blog: http://globalwarmingsource.blogspot.com/

Green Myths On Global Warming-Debunked, More myths about the ever so famous GW are debunked:http://globalwarminghoax.wordpress.com/2007/05/19/green-myths-on-global-warming-%E2%80%94-debunked/

So, has your opinion on GW changed, or what?